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Friendly, Sustainable
Fire Suppression
Single or Multi-Zone Fire Suppression System with a blend that extinguishes fires without damaging people or the environment
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Honeywell Inert Suppression System

IG541 based Inert Fire Suppression System

The Honeywell Inert Suppression System uses a blend of Nitrogen, Argon, and Carbon Dioxide to protect installations from fire damage. It offers the choice of a Stand-Alone system – which protects a single space – as well as Multi-Zone suppression, using a directional valve system with a shared cylinder bank.

  • Zero Ozone
    Depletion (ODP)
  • Zero Global Warming
    Potential (GWP)
  • Non-Toxic
  • Approved for
    Occupied Spaces
  • UL & FM Approved
  • 300 Bar & 200
    Bar System
  • Silent Nozzle
  • Cylinder Capacities:
    30 Ltrs/50 Ltrs/80 Ltrs/140 Ltrs

How it works

A Self-Contained System That Responds To Fire Detection In Real-Time

The Honeywell Inert Suppression System offers a self-activating defence suitable for class A, B, and C type fires. It responds to an initial fire alarm by ceasing ventilation to the protected space immediately. On the activation of a second alarm the suppression agent is discharged using a solenoid with electrical activation. Fires are extinguished within 40 seconds by reducing oxygen levels from 20.9 % to between 10 to 14.2%.

A Scalable Solution That Can Be Customized For Specific Installations
  • Stand-Alone System For A Single Space

    Includes a cylinder with a handwheel valve, a discharge release valve with pressure gauge, a solenoid with electrical activation, as well as hoses, manifold, nozzles and pressure relief dampers.

  • Multi-Zone System

    In addition to the components that are part of the Stand-Alone System, the Multi-Zone Suppression System includes of a series of zone valves and a starter kit, which direct the IG 541 suppression agent to the section of the protected area where the fire has been detected.

A Safe And Sustainable Suppression Agent

The IG 541 suppression agent consists of 52% Nitrogen, 40% Argon, and 8% CO2. Once ventilation has ceased in the affected area, this blend starves the fire of the oxygen it needs and extinguishes it. Being a mix of gases that are present in the air around us, IG 541 is completely safe for occupants and the environment, as well as being a sustainable solution.

UL Listed & FM Approved
  • A UL certification ensures that a product has been tested as being safe for humans and conforms strictly to industry standards. The UL certificate confirms that wiring and devices can handle the amount of current they claim to be able to.

  • An FM Approval is issued to products that pass a five-step approval process. The globally acknowledged FM mark signifies that the product has been tested to ensure property loss prevention and to perform as expected.

One product, many applications
PPOG Industries

Non-Toxic and Environment-Friendly Fire Suppression

The Honeywell Inert Suppression System offers a self-activating and end-to-end defence against fire damage – suitable for class A, B, and C type fires; while ensuring that the suppression agent leaves the protected space in a state that is completely harmless to humans and the environment.


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