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High Performance
High Value
For reliable operations and consistent performance in case of a fire event, nothing beats Honeywell’s Morley-IAS duo of addressable fire alarm panels!
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Fire Safety Made Simple

Honeywell’s Morley-IAS STX and SMX UL Listed Addressable fire alarm Panels are compact , powerful, contemporary yet stylish, feature-rich and easy to use. Panels can be effortlessly programmed via a mobile app without any cables or special tools – resulting in up to 75% less commissioning time. For reliable fire safety at the snap of your fingers, choose Morley-IAS.

Get Started With Morley-IAS
The Morley STX and SMX fire alarm panels are ridiculously easy to set up and use.
  • Fix the panel to the wall, connect it to field wiring devices and power it up. Your working fire alarm system is almost ready to go!
  • You can easily choose the default configuration based on intelligent auto-detection of the circuit or even opt for quick customisation via its intuitive interface.
  • Programming the control panel is super easy with the comfortable, 5 inch touch-based LCD which provides a clear menu structure. This makes the initial setup process quick, clear and intuitive.
  • Simplified configuration with the Bluetooth-based mobile and PC tool application.
Key Features and Benefits
Contemporary HMI interface with 5” multi-colour touchscreen for excellent monitoring and control, enhanced readability with location labels and events, contextual awareness and easy navigation
Complies with latest codes and standards (UL 864 10th edition)
Intuitive arrangement of controls to enable prompt user action
Mobile and PC apps with guided setup and programming via Bluetooth results in up to 75% less commission time
Single replaceable part (HW Module unit) for quick repairs, reduced maintenance costs and minimised downtime
Supports up to 159 detectors and 39 modules per loop (up to 636 detectors and 156 modules with the 4-loop panel)
Panels can be configured offline and remotely, and synced via USB, eliminating the need to carry laptops/tools on-site
Designed to deliver on expanding mid-market performance and facility needs such as increasing number of zones
Unified panel fascia designed to comply with regulations globally
Easy to install with pluggable interface connectors and circuit auto-learn
  • Morley-IAS STX

    Ideal for modern-day performance-conscious organisations, the Morley STX is an intelligent, feature-rich and compact fire alarm control panel from Honeywell. It delivers highly reliable performance in any kind of fire event, protecting both people and their peace of mind. And it’s so easy to install and use! All you need to do is fix the panel to the wall, connect the field wiring devices and power it up. Your world-class fire alarm system will start working in almost no time!

    The STX comes with a large touch display that provides a clear menu structure, making the entire programming and setup process extremely intuitive. A mobile app and Bluetooth connectivity simplify the configuration even further. Furthermore, the Morley STX meets all the requirements of the latest national fire safety codes and standards.

  • Product Release Note: Honeywell Morley-IAS Fire Panels, Models STX and SMX
    Honeywell will release a security update U1.03 for the STX and SMX models of Honeywell Morley-IAS Fire Panels on 1 April 2021. All STX and SMX fire panels that will ship from Honeywell starting 1 April 2021 will have this update pre-installed and will be covered under Honeywell’s standard support policy. No further operation needs to be performed by customers for such panels. STX and SMX panels that were shipped with version U1.02 will require to be updated by 30th September 2021 in order to receive support for those as per the standard Honeywell policy. Honeywell takes Cyber Security seriously and encourages all customers to implement this update. Further, no functional features relevant to fire safety were added to this release. For more information on Honeywell product security, please visit For performing the update please contact Honeywell Technical Support.

    Morley-IAS SMX

    Part of Honeywell’s suite of intelligent fire safety devices, the Morley SMX provides early and reliable performance for full protection from fires. This high-value system features an intuitive and contemporary interface with a number of features to easily program it as per requirements. These include a 5-inch multi-colour touch display with a clear menu structure, a metal body to provide a neat flush finish, multiple control keys as well as numerous LED indicators.

    Featuring a non-intrusive yet stylish design, the SMX addressable fire alarm control panel is the perfect addition to a fire safety system, regardless of the application or use case.


How Does It Work?
The Morley-IAS SmartConfig™ application can be used to configure and commission Honeywell’s STX and SMX addressable fire alarm control panels. The application provides a suite of options to enable quick setup.
  • Launch the Honeywell Morley-ISA SmartConfigTM mobile application
  • Establish a Bluetooth connectivity between mobile application and Fire Alarm Control panel
  • Configure the Fire Alarm Control Panel usingTM Quickwizard
  • Voila! The Fire Alarm Control Panel is configured
  • Programme the panel from your mobile, laptop or directly from the panel’s HMI
  • Use the app’s Quick Wizard to configure the panel in minutes
  • Work with your configuration in the app onsite and even offsite
  • Easily discover the differences between existing (or default auto-learnt) and new configurations, and choose what to keep
  • Sync configuration via Bluetooth or USB pen drive. No cables required

App Download and Setup

Download the Morley-IAS SmartConfig™ app from the Google Play store.

Honeywell strongly recommends upgrading the Morley STX and SMX (Morley UL) panels to the most currently released firmware,
version U1.06B3 to ensure the system is safe from cyber threats. Previously released firmware versions are no longer supported by Honeywell.
Release Notes for Morley STX and SMX panel firmware version U1.06B3:
  • Support for the new photo (HM-PSE-UL-W), thermal (HM-FHSE-UL-W, HM-RHSE-UL-W, HM-HTSE-UL-W ) and photo-thermal (HM-PTSE-UL-W) detectors, designed to meet UL 268 7th edition.
  • New user programmable setting to change the detector and module addresses range over all the loops, in order to support up to 99 modules per loop.
  • SmartConfigTM PC and mobile applications are backward compatible with the previous panel firmware version U1.05.
  • Bug fixes and improvements.
Firmware version
Compatible Support Tools & Mobile App:
PC Tool UL
Mobile App (IOS)
Mobile App (Android)
Note: Please note that the new photo-thermal (HM-PTSE-UL-W) detector does not require a device type change to “MULT” after the loop learn process and must remain as “OPT” in configuration for proper functioning. At sites where HM-PTSE-UL is replaced with HM-PTSE-UL-W the device type must be set to “OPT” in the configuration.


For greater system flexibility and more reliable fire safety
A complete range of annunciators, detectors, manual call points and modules that are compatible with the Morley SMX and STX fire alarm panels

One product, many applications
Office Complexes
Educational Institutions
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