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Pure air starts
Fresh indoor air for a cleaner, healthier workspace and a more productive workforce.

Electronic Air Cleaners

Closer to natural air than you can imagine

Specially designed for use in AHU setups, Honeywell’s commercial air purifiers consistently deliver best-in-class air purification. Natural-like , safe air with negligible AHU efficiency loss!

Product Offerings

Electronic ‘clean air’ solutions
Choose from flush mounted and duct mounted air purifiers to circulate high-quality air throughout your premises.
  • How Electronic Air Cleaners Work

    An Electronic Air Cleaner (EAC), also known as Electrostatic Precipitator or Electrostatic Air Cleaner uses an electric charge to remove impurities – either solid particles or liquid droplets – from the air. It functions by applying energy only to the particulate matter to be collected without significantly impeding airflow.

    Originally designed for the recovery of valuable industrial process materials, EACs are used for air pollution control, particularly for removing particles from waste gases at industrial facilities and power-generating stations. Today, they’re also used for indoor air pollution control.

    A Honeywell two-stage EAC consists of two sections – a charging section and a collection section. A high voltage is applied to the ionising wires to form a strong electric field between them. Electrons present in contaminated air (containing pollutants like fine dust, smoke particles, pollens, mould spores, bacteria, etc.) are pushed at high velocity from the negatively charged electric field to the positively charged electric field. Along the way, they collide with the contaminants, releasing more electrons. The ionised particles are moved by the moving air into the strong electric field at the collectors and trapped at the charged collector plates.

  • How Honeywell EACs Improve Efficiency of Chiller Plants & AHUs

    Honeywell EACs offer opportunities to reduce energy consumption and ecological footprint by:

    • Reducing the pressure drop across the EACs when compared with conventional media-type air filters
    • Enabling the use of smaller AHU fan motors which consume less energy and therefore deliver greater energy – and cost – savings when compared with media air filters

    Honeywell EACs meet the MERV 14 rating, the highest among all EACs available in the market today.

Key Features
  • Coanda air

    Clean air recirculation in 6 directions
  • Maintains
    peak pfficiency

    During a wide range of cell-loading conditions
  • Solid-state
    Power supply

    For uncompromising reliability and efficiency
  • Very low
    maintenance cost

    Economical solution for a range of commercial premises
Optimum solution for commercial use
  • Low filter
    replacement cost

    Minimal replacement, minimal cost
  • low pressure

    Lower operating speed and save energy
  • Retrofittable
    into AHUs

    Use current setup without major changes
  • No wasted
    floor space

    Floor free of electrical wiring
  • Efficiency of EACs and UV

    ISHRAE recommends that facility owners upgrade the filtration on their AHUs to MERV 13 or above, plus add UV lights to disinfect coils. The combination can help counter harmful biological contaminants and particulate matter. With Honeywell EACs, the efficiency on 0.3-micron particles is approx 87%, and on 0.1-micron particles is 70-80%. With microbial contaminants, the efficiency of Honeywell EACs is above 90%. Honeywell UV with equal distribution across the coil and accurate dosage can help counter most biological contaminants.

Environment-friendly end-of-life treatment
Multiple options to make product EOL sustainable and Mother Earth-friendly
Linear cycle
Circular cycle
Honeywell EAC Certifications
Product complies with numerous technical regulations for Eurasian conformity

Applications Areas

One product, many applications
Commercial Buildings
Commercial Buildings
Nursing Homes
Nursing Homes

Improve your filtration

Effective filtration is essential for air quality: From pollutants to microbes, reduce particles in indoor air


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