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Ignite your
fire safety perspective
Protect your premises and people from fire hazards with Honeywell’s state-of-the-art fire safety solutions. A reliable shield in any fire situation!


On-hand defence from unpredictable fires

Fires can cause untold damage to life and property. That’s why it’s critical to have proper fire safety equipment on-hand. Honeywell has been engineering innovative fire safety solutions dedicated to any emergency, for decades. Choose yours!


Wide range of fire safety products
From smoke/heat detectors to gas suppression and emergency lighting systems, a product range that provides reliable fire protection every time.
  • Fire Detection and Alarm System

    Forewarned is forearmed, and Honeywell’s wide range of Fire Detection and Alarm Systems can help with both. From fire alarm control panels and fire/smoke detectors, to manual call points and more, these systems provide uninterrupted fire protection. Alerts spread faster than fires to enable fast detection and evacuation, every single time.

  • Fire Suppression System

    The causes of fire are many, so it’s important to select the right kind of fire suppression system. And Honeywell’s range of gas-based Fire Suppression Systems easily fit the bill. These ‘clean agent’ and cabinet fire suppression systems offer world-class quality, adhere to fire safety Indian classifications, and deliver reliable performance when it matters most.

  • Emergency Lighting System

    Standalone Exit Signages & Escape Route Lighting System Different variants of emergency lights can work in both maintained or non-maintained mode, with a different lux levels, viewing distance, IP ratings, etc.

Fire safety raises serious questions. We have answers

With our global expertise in compliance, industry and cybersecurity standards, we can help guide your integrated fire safety projects for virtually any building, from the simple to the complex. Let’s get started.


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