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Sublime mall
Energy-efficient, cost-effective lighting solutions for malls. Deliver memorable retail experiences and keep them coming back for more!
Improve patient
Automated lighting solutions for hospitals: maintain optimum light intensity, save energy costs, make patients comfortable and boost staff productivity.
Smart lighting
for offices
Honeywell’s intelligent, occupant-dependent lighting control systems maintain optimum light intensity in offices for every employee, every time.

Wireless Lighting
Management System (WLMS)


Simplify your lighting management while making the most of your available space, with Honeywell’s range of IoT-based, wireless LMS. With paradigm-shifting multi-sensor technology, these systems are redefining smart lighting in spaces to ensure occupants’ comfort, boost their productivity and reduce energy costs.

Re-defining the Future with
Optimum Lighting Performance

Maintain optimum lux levels for maximum employee comfort and productivity
Occupancy-based space utilisation analytics for efficient space optimisation and planning
High energy savings
• Lighting: Up to 35%
• HVAC: Up to 16%*
Truly wireless for easy installation and use
Hassle-free installation with REST API and BACNet
Low-cost preventive maintenance with quick debug and ‘keep alive’ status
Extend fixture life for ongoing cost savings

Product Components

'Future-ready' technology for today
The power of wireless technology to optimise space productivity and enhance occupants’ comfort!
Wireless PIR (Occupancy) Sensor
  • Wireless PIR (Occupancy) Sensor

    Detects human presence in indoor areas for lighting control and space insights

    • Passive Infrared (PIR) technology for dynamic, motion-dependent lighting adjustment
    • Coverage range = 360°, Sensing range from 5m, Field-of-view = 90°
    • In-built 2.4 GHz chip antenna
    • Flash memory to store device settings
    • Multiple settings can be added for extended coverage
    • Snap-fit for quick installation and maintenance
  • Ambient Sensor

    Measures lux levels, temperature and humidity levels for seamless HVAC control

    • Temperature range: 0-55°C
    • Light range: 0-100,000 lux
    • Humidity range: 0-100% RH
    • Operating frequency: ISM 2.4-2.4835 GHz
    • Zigbee wireless protocol
    • Can be mounted on a desktop or wall
  • DALI Controller

    Controls light functions based on data inputs from wireless PIR sensor

    • Occupancy-based, manual override lighting control
    • Wirelessly controllable with a smart device (using external gateway)
    • Controls up to 64 lights
    • Flash memory to store device settings
    • In-built 2.4 GHz chip antenna
    • Quick and easy to mount
  • Gateway

    Manages network and data monitoring of Honeywell’s LMS

    • Ethernet and Wi-Fi interfaces
    • Remotely configurable with UI and dashboard
    • Configurable channel selection
    • Built-in database for issue logging and reporting
    • Ceiling and wall-mountable

Wireless LMS Architecture

User Interface Dashboard

Analytics Dashboards

The web app allows authorised Facility Managers to view and set controls for the entire facility. The software facilitates scheduled and manual overrides, whenever needed. In addition, it boasts dashboards with extensive analytics.
  • Single page access for any device at any site
  • Allows anytime, anywhere access
  • Analytics: Energy Consumption, Space Utilisation, Burn Hours, Lux Level, Equipment Maintenance and Suspicious Detection through Alerts
  • Optimises lighting operations remotely through an intuitive dashboard that provides lighting usage insights


    Engineered with paradigm-shifting multi-sensor technology, Honeywell’s range of IoT-based, wireless LMS provides smart lighting to boost productivity and reduce energy costs. Get an enhanced illumination experience.

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Institutional Buildings
Institutional Buildings
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