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Affordable, integrated, web-enabled information system for flexible, 'always-on' building control.


Software with advanced IoT-friendly integration, visualisation and control

Building on the legacy of Honeywell’s Niagara Framework®, the WEBs-N4™ software platform enables buildings to achieve operational excellence through its truly connected, truly open framework. Featuring an intuitive HTML5 interface, WEBs-N4™ is less reliant on browser plug-ins, making it fast and easy to use. It also allows end users to directly access, analyse and process a wide range of operational data. With WEBs-N4™, businesses can take full advantage of IoT technology and advanced tools for enhanced visualisation, search, security and navigation.

  • Modern UX framework and design language (HTML5)
  • Bold and intuitive user interface for robust user experiences and maximum data control
  • Workbench workflow improvements
  • Powerful tag-based navigation
  • Built-in search function
  • Data cleansing capabilities
  • Customisable charting and enhanced data visualisation
  • Role-based access control (RBAC) and security
  • Pluggable authentication schemes
  • Real-time troubleshooting
  • WEBs-AX™ to WEBs-N4™ station migration tool

NEW BAS Architecture – with IP Field Controllers


HTML5-based user interface makes it easier for systems integrators to create customised views for end users. Other user-friendly features include a built-in search function, optimised workflow, role-based security and rapid navigation.


Devices, systems and data points can be ‘tagged’ so users can easily conduct a station-wide search of important operational elements. A standardised dictionary of tagged elements drives consistency in building automation systems.


Through a ‘defence in depth’ approach, WEBs-N4™ offers built-in authentication to ensure encryption of data in motion and sensitive data at rest. Role-based Access Control (RBAC) makes it easy to configure user permissions with fewer errors.


Improved documentation, a rich open API library, BajaScript 2.0, semantic data modelling and other tools speed up development. WEBs-N4’s public APIs also make it easier to extend, develop and build upon the framework.

  • Speed, power and expandability for multiple applications

    Whether you need to manage a simple RTU, complex boiler and chiller rooms, Honeywell’s CIPer™ controllers and I/O modules are designed for a full range of building automation applications. Supported by the Niagara 4 Framework®, CIPer™ controllers are among the fastest IP HVAC controllers available today. They support BACnet IP and easy expandability to simplify the management and control of all types of buildings. Other benefits include:

    • Greater bandwidth for more network data connections
    • Support for multiple protocols in building automation
    • Standard industry framework to reduce training costs


The right controller for every application
Affordable, integrated open communications building control system for amazing flexibility, efficiency and accessibility.

    Single tool infrastructure from edge to cloud

    IP-based general-purpose I/O controller


    Fast connection with a range of devices

    4-port switch, real-time data, built-in analytics


    Seamless integration for simplified HVAC plant control

    26 on-board I/O terminations and configurable display

  • Spyder Classic Controllers

    Delivers powerful control, day in and day out

    • Select from standard size Spyder or Spyder Micro, which offers a smaller footprint and reduced I/O count
    • Programmable to a wide variety of equipment types
    • Service and wiring is fast and easy with removable terminal strips which enable wiring when the controller is mounted in hard-to-reach locations
    • Colour-coded input/output labels make connections and troubleshooting easy
    • Internal real-time clock and DC power supply
    • Optional integrated actuator saves installation time
    • Compatible with existing sensors, Zio wall modules or TR20 series wall modules
  • Spyder Model 5 Controllers

    The versatility to control more systems

    • First unitary controller that can be freely programmed with Niagara 4, supporting online changes via MS/TP
    • Relay Output come standard for faster, simpler wiring and eliminating the need for external relays in most cases
    • Supports HVAC and fast light/blind solutions via internal I/Os
    • 24-hour data backup protects against loss of project data
    • Built-in 24VAC power output eliminates the extra cost of an external power supply
    • 4 MB flash memory
    • Sylkbus support (TR40 & TR42)
    • No license required

WEBS-N4™ Niagara Framework


For over a decade, Honeywell’s Niagara Framework® has fundamentally changed the way devices and systems connect to people, and the ways people control and optimise these machines. Thanks to its open API, open distribution business model and open protocol support, Niagara is the operating system of choice for connected buildings worldwide. From buildings and data centres to manufacturing systems and even smart cities, the Niagara Framework enables cost reductions and profitable operations, and also helps improve strategic decision-making for businesses.
  • Close to half a million instances worldwide
  • Normalise, visualise and analyse data from nearly anywhere or anything
  • Niagara station search
  • Over 100 drivers to choose from
  • Customisable dashboards with charting and visualisation tools, drag-and-drop data
  • Device templating and cleansing
  • Meets FIPS-140.2 standards

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